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Urby Kids! is designed to stimulate your child’s visual development and at the same time, looking cute doing it (^_^). Let us take for example this wall decal design, Up, up and away. The high color contrast and the shades of grey are chosen primarily to captivate your child’s attention. You can install Up,up and away to a place in his/her line of vision where you feed then, on the wall above the changing table OR simply beside where he sleeps. Placing our Urby Kids wall art strategically at places that you child will most probably notice it will ensure maximum benefit from our wall decals to your child's visual development.

Visual stimulation is another important way to engage your baby's interest in her surroundings. Newborns can focus best on objects 7-15 inches from their eyes, which is, appropriately enough, the distance from baby's face to mother's face during breastfeeding. Stimulating your baby's vision helps develop eye muscles and eye control. Because your newborn can see only this short distance and is relatively immobile, it is up to you to provide a variety of things to see (Johnson &Johnson Pediatric Institute USA)

Infants reflexively prefer to look at high-contrast edges and patterns. Large black and white patterns present the highest possible contrast (100%) to the eye and thus are the most visible and attractive to babies. It is now known that they can distinguish much subtler shades of gray. For example, in the first month babies can distinguish two shades of gray that differ by only 5% in gray level (5% contrast). As good as that is, by 9 weeks of age, infants' contrast sensitivity becomes 10 times better, so that they can see large patterns or objects that have less than 0.5% contrast. This is nearly as good as adult contrast sensitivity (0.2%). This means is that by about 2 months of age your baby is capable of perceiving almost all of the subtle shadings that make our visual world so rich, textured and interesting: shadings in clouds, shadows that are unique to your face; even see a white teddy bear on a white couch! (Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute)

More links on the development of a baby's eyes and ways to stimulate your baby’s eyes:

Somethin' Urby is Removable!

Our vinyl wall decal is made with removability in mind. Many has gone through decorating their wall with point of no return. Yet with Somethin' Urby wall decal, you can remove the decal at anytime with no damage to your wall. Simply peel the decal off at about 135 degree ~ 180 degree away from the wall.

Urby Tips 01

Wall inherent condition and the wall paint plays an important part for a clean removal anytime and everytime.

If your cement base wall has just been erected, you should expect water retention in the wall deriving from the cement mixture. Water retention in the wall will surely dissipate through the surface of the wall and this will directly affect the adhesiveness of the decal. Even as paint experts say, you should not paint a fresh cemented wall to avoid water spots. With decals, the concept is the same. The best solution is to wait for 2-3 months before applying your first decal on a wall that has just been built.

Choose only quality paint for your wall. Low quality paint will affect the property of all types of adhesive rendering it unpredictable. Be sure to check with your local paint supplier for expert opinion before selecting your type of wall paint.

Urby Tips 02

You can also use a regular hairdryer on the decal when removing them. Hot air from the hairdryer will loosen up the decal and makes it easier to be removed.


"Wwwwe... ... wee...We just couldn't help ourselves. The Urby Monkey tells us so. And we did as told. It wasn't really all us, partly maybe. But it was all Urby Monkey's fault! Now, Somethin' Urby's logo is ruin!"

Nah, we had so much fun that we HAD to place this cute little monkey decal on our logo. It's addictive! The whole thing was so simple and fun to do (and it looks good too!) Don't you agree?

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Simple steps

Yahoo! Plain wall no more! We have placed our first decal in our office; which is our Urby signage on the front reception area. Completely DIY and we couldn’t believe how simple it was that we HAD to share the entire process of putting it up with the rest of the world.
Here are the steps and pictures of the process.

Step1 : Plan

Step2 : Peel and stick.

Step3 : Squeegee
Step 4 : Step back and applaud.
That's it.
Isn't it simple? We took less than 15mins in total to put this up.

Male Model : YC Goh     
Make-up artist : SSKeng
Dress by : Urby
Photograph by : Lyne

Urby Office

At last the renovation has come to an end, here’s a sneak preview of the place (first floor).

We can't wait to place our decals on the walls.

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