Simple steps

Yahoo! Plain wall no more! We have placed our first decal in our office; which is our Urby signage on the front reception area. Completely DIY and we couldn’t believe how simple it was that we HAD to share the entire process of putting it up with the rest of the world.
Here are the steps and pictures of the process.

Step1 : Plan

Step2 : Peel and stick.

Step3 : Squeegee
Step 4 : Step back and applaud.
That's it.
Isn't it simple? We took less than 15mins in total to put this up.

Male Model : YC Goh     
Make-up artist : SSKeng
Dress by : Urby
Photograph by : Lyne


harfad sufian said...

I am interested in your wall deco but i would like to come and do COD at your office.
Is it possible?
Where is the location of your office?


Yap Chin said...

Sure. our office address is located here:

Need more details? email us at

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