Designing @ Somethin’ Urby

We have received an email from one of our visitor with a question on why not design our wall decals with more and finer twirls. Interesting question, one that we would like to share with everyone.

Designing wall decal at Somethin’ Urby is very much the most important part of our job. Not only that you will need the passion to create & design, but you will also need to re-perform and rework on your design over and over again until you get the right final product.

One of the contentious matters that we have while designing is to decide on how fine we should make the lines & twirls. Why is it a concern on the width of the line & twirl? Well, the answer is simpler than you think but many designers, experienced or otherwise made the same mistake over and over again.

Wall decals are made with a layer of adhesive and another layer of vinyl sheet both mash together (think ‘sticker’ if you must). Rationally, the larger the wall decal piece, the better the grip it has on your surface thanks to the higher amount of adhesive sticking to the surface. The opposite is also true, the smaller the size of the decals, the lesser the grip it will have on the wall. The lesser the grip, the easier it is for the wall decal to peel off.

We have seen lines & twirls so fine that it peels off at the slightest touch by our hands. There is absolutely no point talking about guaranteeing that the decals will last for years if the wall decal cannot even stay on the wall for that long.

Top picture: Very high in detail but the lines & twirls are too fine. Verdict: will not last / may not even stick for the first time. Design fault.

Top picture: The right balance between details and durability. Just nice!

Any emails published here whether it is a comment, suggestion or question will entitle the writer 10% discount off our wall decal list price. So shoot to us your piece today.

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