Somethin' Urby is Removable!

Our vinyl wall decal is made with removability in mind. Many has gone through decorating their wall with point of no return. Yet with Somethin' Urby wall decal, you can remove the decal at anytime with no damage to your wall. Simply peel the decal off at about 135 degree ~ 180 degree away from the wall.

Urby Tips 01

Wall inherent condition and the wall paint plays an important part for a clean removal anytime and everytime.

If your cement base wall has just been erected, you should expect water retention in the wall deriving from the cement mixture. Water retention in the wall will surely dissipate through the surface of the wall and this will directly affect the adhesiveness of the decal. Even as paint experts say, you should not paint a fresh cemented wall to avoid water spots. With decals, the concept is the same. The best solution is to wait for 2-3 months before applying your first decal on a wall that has just been built.

Choose only quality paint for your wall. Low quality paint will affect the property of all types of adhesive rendering it unpredictable. Be sure to check with your local paint supplier for expert opinion before selecting your type of wall paint.

Urby Tips 02

You can also use a regular hairdryer on the decal when removing them. Hot air from the hairdryer will loosen up the decal and makes it easier to be removed.

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