How to boost National Service's Image

Dude from Govt : You have been drafted to serve the National Service!
You : What?! You are kidding right?
Dude from Govt : Nope, here's your letter, signed, sealed and delivered ^ ^.
You : *grumble...grumble...grumble...*

It is an open secret that National Service in Malaysia suffers from massive overdose of bad publicity. Is the remedy prescribed by the government working? HHhhmmm....not really.

You want to know what will definitely work? 2 words : GO JOE!

Read how the American Dream Team package their program to attract recruits. We guarantee you by the end of the presentation, you need not be selectively drafted for NS, you will literally volunteer yourself willingly. Now that's MARKETING for you!

GOooooooo JOE!!
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