Interbank payment option

Question : I do not have Maybank ATM bankcard. Can I use CIMB ATM bankcard instead to pay you?

Answer : YES

Interbank payment is an additional Payment Option that you can choose when checking out your shopping cart. All you need is an ATM bankcard from any of the following MEPS participating banks:

- Maybank
- Ambank
- AGRO Bank
- Bank Rakyat
- Eon Bank
- Public Bank
- Standard Chartered Bank
- Citibank

Using your ATM bankcard from any of the banks above, you can perform fund transfer / payment through your local ATM machine (look out for MEPS logo).

Alternatively, most of the banks also provide ONLINE fund transfer / payment facility to its ATM bankcard users. Find out more about these services through your local bank branches or visit their official website by Googling @

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