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Here's a peek on "How tall are you?" mini wall decal package. Adorable aren't they? Honey Bunny, Panda Manda, Foxy Loxy, Zippo Hippo, Chicken Licken and ... someone is missing in the herd, guess who?

Somethin' Urby Custom Designs

Need a helping hand or a new design concept for your home, office, retail store or restaurant? Are you planning an event or thinking of rebranding your business? Whether you already have a design in mind or you just need someone to help you develop one, Somethin' Urby Design Team can assist you in making that idea a reality.

Wanna know what kind of effect we can create using wall decal? Here are some custom design samples created by wall decal designers in Europe & US where wall decal is as popular as wallpapers (if not more ^^).


Top pic : Smart use of prose on the glass by Andaz Hotel.

Top pic : Interior use of prose.
Just a few words is enough to take your breath away...

Top pic : Say it just like Ralph Waldo Emerson. Bold statement.


Top pic : Sweet sweet Mickey Mouse @ Disney Office. Note the use of decal directly on the wardrobe. Its a wardrobe decal too!

Top pic : Fun theme @ kiwiberri Cafe!
Clean, unintrusive, appetising colours. Are you hungry?

Top pic : Kidz having loads of fun seeing their favourite art piece turning into mega size wall art!
Mommy mommy, I drew this and they made it into a sticker and I have it, mom?! (^^')

Top pic : Warner Bros are into wall decal as well.
I beg you not to slam the door ^^


Top pic : Sexy twirl at the enterance of a disco lounge. Add some class & attitude to your establishment using silhouette and twirls.

Top pic : Wall decal @ Andaz Hotel. Definitely an attention grabber. can almost feel the gentle invigorating mountain air in this room.

Top pic : Impress your clients with creative branding just like Web Associate.

~Suprise Advert~

Top pic : Viral ad attack by Pussy Pooch retail outlet.
Pounded by a chiwawa, how can I forget that!


Top pic : Fast, colourful @ easily removable without damaging the wall.
Vancouver Home + Interior Design organiser sure knows their stuff. Salute!


Top pic : Reconditioned metal plates. This flowmeter was ruined by oil and dirt stains during an accident. Some letters were rub off and unclear. Instead of throwing it away and purchase new metal plates, it was restored to good condition. Doesn't it look brand new?

Ready for some custom decal? Contact us at & book that design today!

World's first global election - at 8.30pm on 28.04.2009 (Saturday)

Mark the date on your calendar and 'vote' for EARTH. This year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world's first global election, between EARTH and GLOBAL WARMING.

Remember, at 8.30pm on 28th of April 2009- switch OFF for one hour to vote for EARTH. Anyone in the area who chooses to do otherwise within that hour, bite 'em.

Earth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

This message is brought to you by Urby Earth-Friendly Solutions. Responsibility meets Sustainability

Designing @ Somethin’ Urby

We have received an email from one of our visitor with a question on why not design our wall decals with more and finer twirls. Interesting question, one that we would like to share with everyone.

Designing wall decal at Somethin’ Urby is very much the most important part of our job. Not only that you will need the passion to create & design, but you will also need to re-perform and rework on your design over and over again until you get the right final product.

One of the contentious matters that we have while designing is to decide on how fine we should make the lines & twirls. Why is it a concern on the width of the line & twirl? Well, the answer is simpler than you think but many designers, experienced or otherwise made the same mistake over and over again.

Wall decals are made with a layer of adhesive and another layer of vinyl sheet both mash together (think ‘sticker’ if you must). Rationally, the larger the wall decal piece, the better the grip it has on your surface thanks to the higher amount of adhesive sticking to the surface. The opposite is also true, the smaller the size of the decals, the lesser the grip it will have on the wall. The lesser the grip, the easier it is for the wall decal to peel off.

We have seen lines & twirls so fine that it peels off at the slightest touch by our hands. There is absolutely no point talking about guaranteeing that the decals will last for years if the wall decal cannot even stay on the wall for that long.

Top picture: Very high in detail but the lines & twirls are too fine. Verdict: will not last / may not even stick for the first time. Design fault.

Top picture: The right balance between details and durability. Just nice!

Any emails published here whether it is a comment, suggestion or question will entitle the writer 10% discount off our wall decal list price. So shoot to us your piece today.


MARCH with Urby - The Urby New Expandable Wall Decal Series

What it is?

It’s a wall decal series where fun has no end. Instead of removing your precious decal, you can now choose to add more!
Take an example- the "Under the Sea" package...add more...
And more!

With Urby, FuN haS NO End.

Our wall decals are designed in Malaysia for interior decoration purpose.

Like a giant sticker, it is self- adhesive and it needs no glue nor any special skills to install it. What's best about our decals is -it is removable at any time without damaging the wall/surface.

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