"Wwwwe... ... wee...We just couldn't help ourselves. The Urby Monkey tells us so. And we did as told. It wasn't really all us, partly maybe. But it was all Urby Monkey's fault! Now, Somethin' Urby's logo is ruin!"

Nah, we had so much fun that we HAD to place this cute little monkey decal on our logo. It's addictive! The whole thing was so simple and fun to do (and it looks good too!) Don't you agree?


+f e r n e+ said...

i like ur things so much n it is so cool!
lurve the monkey especially! :D

Yap Chin said...

thanks :D. Bet you didn't know we are giving away mini monkeys that will fit just nice on your laptop when you make a purchase of any regular decals...^_^.

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