MARCH with Urby - The Urby New Expandable Wall Decal Series

What it is?

It’s a wall decal series where fun has no end. Instead of removing your precious decal, you can now choose to add more!
Take an example- the "Under the Sea" package...add more...
And more!

With Urby, FuN haS NO End.

Our wall decals are designed in Malaysia for interior decoration purpose.

Like a giant sticker, it is self- adhesive and it needs no glue nor any special skills to install it. What's best about our decals is -it is removable at any time without damaging the wall/surface.

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SayaialahPa'E said...

dont u have any outlet?? its pretty hard for me to find any outside there...

Yap Chin said...

Yes, we do understand your frustration. Our office is located in Klang, Selangor DE. For the address, check out the 'contact us' page at

Alternatively, join our customer list and send us a message via 'contact us' page and ask for 'samples' ^_^.

Tiny Tapir said...

Very cute!!! I love the step by step application process and how you can see the design being built up. Transformed from boring wall to a wall with lots of excitement!

Yap Chin said...

Thanks Tiny Tapir, that means a lot to us. Come back often ya!

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