Do-it-yourself : Choosing the right shade for your wall

Do you know which shades of color to choose?

Start by selecting a few options from the color chip.

Then, place the selected chip colors against the wall and as close to the flooring /tiles/furniture to allow a better visualization of the finished room will look like. If your wall color is darker than your current preferrence, place a white background behind the color chip. Then narrow the selection to 2-3 shades and purchase a sample quart of the each selected shades.

Use a small area for testing. Apply a layer of primer before testing the sample quarts. Then, test the paint samples. You can also do this process on a large foam board for portability allowing you to move the paint samples from room to room. One color may look amazing in one room / wall, but not on the other. (Depending on the lighting in the room)

Note, be sure to apply multiple coats of the paint to bring out the true color of the sample. Label the samples and leave it on the wall for several days. The colors will look different after it is dry.

Taking the time to go through each of these steps will ensure that you will love the end result!

Somehow, somethin' is missing... . Can you guess the missing item in the photo above?
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Julian said...

Why of course.. the wall decals are missing... so do I get a prize??? hahaha

Yap Chin said...

Bingo! Free delivery period is still on, Julian.

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