What’s new in May ‘ 09?

Urby kicks off this May with the NEW Spring Vinyl Wall Creations collection- evoking a sense of freshness and new beginnings in your home. (Click the picture to view the details and where to buy 'em!)

A Bzzz-y Day- This wall decal set is perfect to stick along the wall of the hallway running alongside the rooms. You can even stick the decals on the cabinet/cupboard.

Hybrida- The NEW wall creations by Somethin' Urby.

Tranquility- Elegantly inspired by the greeneries in Cameron Highland, Malaysia.

Contact us at info@somethinurby.com if you would like the design in different colors or sizes to match your room.

Urby Glossary
decal- a decal is a decorative pattern that can be moved from a transfer paper (plastic film) to another surface upon contact


~ms tepung~ said...

A Bzzz-y Day is damn nice...~ erk maybe because the color is violet :)

Yap Chin said...

yeaa...violet does that to people sometime ^^.

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